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08 Oct 2015
Lipoma is a non-cancerous, fatty lump that develops gradually. It occurs between the skin and underlying layer of your muscle.  A slight pressure can easily move this rubbery lump. Normally, lipoma is hard and forms on the upper arms, torso, neck and armpits. Though, it can develop anywhere, on any part of your body. Indeed, it can be very distressing and painful.  Few individuals develop more than a single lump. Fortunately, Lipoma is not dangerous, yet in case, the appearance is bothersome or it is painful, then a right treatment can help it get removed.

Lipoma Causes:

The precise lipoma causes are yet to be known. Though, it is observed that it passes on in families, therefore, the possibility of genetic factors do tend to exist.  The proper fat cells functioning act as a fat storage place before it is transformed into energy. The lipoma growth in fat cells will force cells to stop performing their function, as well as instead distract sources from healthy fat cells to increase the tumor or lump growth.

Lipoma Symptoms:

As mentioned earlier, Lipoma Symptoms include a lump that may occur on any part of your body. Though, they commonly appear on the thighs, arms, abdomen, back, shoulders and neck. It occurs between the skin and underlying layer of your muscle.  These lumps are soft to touch and are moveable. Usually, the lipomas are smaller than 2 inches in diameter; however, they may grow more than this. Larger lumps can be very painful.

Lipoma Diagnosis:

For lipoma diagnosis, the doctor will suggest following tests:

  • A detailed physical examination.
  • A tissue biopsy for laboratory examination.
  • An imaging test or ultrasound, for example, CT or MRI scan, if there is enlarged lipoma, unusual structures appears to be deeper than another fatty tissue

A very slight chance is present that a bump like a lipoma actually may be a cancer form known as liposarcoma. Fatty tissues cancerous tumors, liposarcomas grow very fast; do not move beneath the skin and usually very painful. A CT scan, biopsy or MRI is done typically if the doctor diagnoses liposarcoma.

Lipoma Prognosis:

The lipomas prognosis and outcome are usually excellent. Reappearance is not common, it may occur if there is incomplete removal.

Lipoma Treatment:

Usually, there is no necessary Lipoma Treatment. Though, if the lipoma is bothering you, growing or becoming painful, the doctor might suggest that it must be removed. A lipoma may be removed surgically if the symptoms are developed, for instance, if the lipoma:

  • Becomes tender or painful
  • Becomes inflamed or infected frequently
  • Drains discharge
  • Affects the function or movement
  • Becomes enlarge
  • Becomes bothersome or unsightly

Thus, if you really want to get rid of this disease than Lemeton is an ideal solution by Herbs Solution by Nature to treat Lipoma. This product does not require any prescription and is completely safe.  The herbs used in the formulation of the product are purely natural and safe. For long-lasting results, do not miss any daily dose.


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